Bon Bon’s Gourmet range brings together a variety of delicious sweets under one premium brand. We like to source our confectionery from smaller artisanal producers to create quality products that are truly exceptional.


Our delicious range includes hand-made fudge produced in Yorkshire, indulge chocolate slabs and authentic liquorice. We also cater for certain dietary needs with a fabulous range of sugar free and vegan sweet bags.

With the U.K. being the world’s third largest confectionery market, there has never been a better time for retailers to maximise this year-round sales opportunity.

The Gourmet family of products comes together to create a compelling display that maximises impulse sales and encourages additional sales.
To view the products which make up this range please download the brochure below.


The Gourmet family of products is made up of the following:
Gourmet Fudge
Gourmet Chocolate Slabs
Gourmet Gift Bags
Gourmet Chocolate Boxes
Gourmet Indulge
Gourmet Mallows
Gourmet Speciality Liquorice
Gourmet Favourites
Traditonal Favourites
Gourmet Sugar Free
Gourmet Candy Shop
Gourmet Vegan
Gourmet Lollipops


We take great pride developing some of the most exciting seasonal food offerings available. We start the year with irresistible gifts for Valentines and Mother’s Day. Easter and spring goodies follow to bring a burst of colour and a sense of fun just before summer. From autumn we provide spooky treats for Halloween followed by the main event of the year – Christmas!

We produce seasonal confectionery bespoke to each event with lots of new items launched every year. Our comprehensive offering enables our customers to create some of the biggest and boldest displays found in speciality food retail today.

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Did you know…
When a Barretts sales man accidently dropped a tray of sweet samples on the floor in 1899 he unintentionally created a vibrant mix or colours and flavours which became liquorice allsorts